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authFullName_s : J. Bai

Towards multifunctional composites by carbon nanotubes-based nano/micro hybrid structures

D. He , J. Bai
21st International Conference on Composite Materials, ICCM 2017, Aug 2017, Xi'an, China
Conference papers hal-02453926v1

Dielectric barrier discharge assisted continuous plasma polypyrrole deposition for the surface modification of carbon nanotube-grafted carbon fibers

Hande Yavuz , Grégory Girard , J. Bai
Thin Solid Films, 2016, 616, pp.220-227. ⟨10.1016/j.tsf.2016.08.028⟩
Journal articles hal-02453928v1

Chemically enhanced carbon nanotubes based thermal interface materials

J. Daon , Shuangxi Sun , Di Jiang , E. Leveugle , C. Galindo , et al.
21st International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems, THERMINIC 2015, Sep 2015, Paris, France. pp.1-4, ⟨10.1109/THERMINIC.2015.7389610⟩
Conference papers hal-02453930v1

Study of mwcnts filled toughened epoxy for anchoring composite tensile armours inside the end fitting of flexible riser

Rafael P. Mattedi , Anh-Tuan Do , Fernando L. Bastian , D. He , J. Bai
21st International Conference on Composite Materials, ICCM 2017, Aug 2017, Xi'an, China
Conference papers hal-02453927v1

Étude multi-échelle des mécanismes de transport dans des nanostructures à base de nanotubes de carbone

J. Bai , Frédéric Houzé , Ahmed Mdarhri , David Alamarguy , Sophie Noël , et al.
Colloque Carnot, Oct 2009, Paris, France. p. 9
Conference papers hal-00445401v1

Embedding of hybrid MWCNT-Al 2 O 3 particles in Ni matrix: Structural, tribological and corrosion studies

N. Chronopoulou , E. Siranidi , A. Routsi , H. Zhao , J. Bai , et al.
Surface and Coatings Technology, 2018, 350, pp.672 - 685. ⟨10.1016/j.surfcoat.2018.07.034⟩
Journal articles hal-01846908v1

Smart papers comprising carbon nanotubes and cellulose microfibers for multifunctional sensing applications

A. Dichiara , A. Song , S. Goodman , D. He , J. Bai
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017, 5 (38), pp.20161 - 20169. ⟨10.1039/C7TA04329E⟩
Journal articles hal-01842493v1

Laser processing of carbon black reinforced ethylene-butylacrylate copolymer

I. El Aboudi , Z. Bouyahia , D. He , J. Bai , A. Mdarhri , et al.
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2023, 140, pp.e54486(1)-e54486(17)
Journal articles hal-04195652v1

Solvent polarity impacts the sorption kinetics and tensile properties of carbon black filled elastomers

Y. Nezili , A. Mdarhri , I. El Aboudi , C. Brosseau , M. Zaghrioui , et al.
Polymer, 2023, 264, pp.125563(1)-125563(12)
Journal articles hal-04195618v1

Nickel/MWCNT-Al 2 O 3 electrochemical co-deposition: Structural properties and mechanistic aspects

F. Giannopoulos , N. Chronopoulou , J. Bai , H. Zhao , D.I. Pantelis , et al.
Electrochimica Acta, 2016, 207, pp.76 - 86. ⟨10.1016/j.electacta.2016.04.162⟩
Journal articles hal-01842513v1

Soft Dielectric Generators for energy harvesting and sensors

Alain Sylvestre , Claire Jean-Mistral , Skandar Basrour , D. Bellet , J. Bai
AMSE (Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering) 2019, Jul 2019, Osaka, Japan
Conference papers hal-02112227v1

Experimental evidence of size effect in nano‐reinforced polymers: Case of silica reinforced PMMA

A.S. Blivi , F. Benhui , J. Bai , D. Kondo , F. Bédoui
Polymer Testing, 2016, 56, pp.337--343. ⟨10.1016/j.polymertesting.2016.10.025⟩
Journal articles hal-01668493v1

Assessing the effect of compaction pressure on the mechanical properties of polytetrafluoroethylene elaborated by field assisted sintering technique

H. Boulman , A. Mdarhri , I. El Aboudi , C. Brosseau , O. Lame , et al.
Polymer, 2022, 258, pp.125325
Journal articles hal-04195550v1